Audi A4 Lease

2011 Audi A4 Lease Details
$429 per month for 39 Months
$429 for the Quattro
$0 Security Deposit
$1423 Due at Signing
$299 Down Payment
$695 Acquisition Fee
10k miler per year
32,500 miles over the 39 month lease
Anything over costs $0.25/mile
Purchase option for $18,796
Audi A3 Premium Plus
MSRP of $34,175


About the 2011 Audi A4

The 2011 Audi A4 gets points for its modern and progressive design.  Few luxury cars can evoke the same enthusiasm that the A4 produces.  At the top of a category of luxury sport sedans, the Audi A4 is well ahead of the rest with its unparalleled quality to detail.
But Audi was smart and did not take a big chance with the redesign for the 2011 model year. As a result, here is a new face that seems rather familiar.  Not surprising, since the design of the A4 is based on the evolution of an already good car. Despite the fierce competition for 2011, this design with sleek lines allows the Audi A4 to maintain a strong position in the category of luxury sport sedans.  Up front, we find the famous headlamps that Audi is known for featuring light emitting diodes, the same as on the R8.  The body was lengthened overall by 117 mm, the 2011 Audi A4 is reminiscent of an A6.
Inside the Audi A4 contains premium materials with a finish that is among the best in the industry.  Up front, the driver is greeted by seats that give the feeling of being one with the car.  Audi seems to have put the emphasis on fun driving through the smallest details.
Our test model was equipped with the turbocharged 2.0 liter four cylinders.  This engine is rated at 211 horsepower and 258 lb.-ft. of torque.  The A4 can come equipped with Audi Quattro All Wheel driveand a 6-speed manual transmission.  With this engine and drivetrain combo the Audi A4 can accelerate 0-60 in 6.3 seconds.  This engine has proved very pleasant to drive thanks to its impressive torque at low revs, while emitting a thunderous sound when the turbo kicks in.  Compare it to the 3.0-liter twin-turbo BMW or even 3.7 liters Infiniti and it seems rather bland, lacking sporty driving ability.  But there are aftermarket upgrades that can boost the power.  A simple engine reflash can result in huge gains.   You can also get an Audi S4 Lease which is the performance version of the A4. BMW on their sides offer 300 horsepower in a 3-Series.  Fuel economy checks in at 22 MPG in the City, 30 MPG on the highway.  So a combined fuel economy of 25 MPG can be expected from the Audi A4.
With Audi vehicles, the main focus for every car is on the agility through a well-balanced chassis and legendary AWD system called Quattro.  Audi also added exclusivity with subtle touches to help create a unique driving experience.  For example, a partnership was made with the Danish company Bang & Olufsen to offer an exceptional audio experience.  After trying it, I can confirm that Audi offers for the 2011 model year, one of the most advanced sound systems in the automotive industry.
The electronic system for adjusting the behavior of the Audi A4’s ride is called the Audi Drive Select (ADS).  This system features a button that has three distinct settings; this system adapts the three main parameters of the car (engine, transmission, steering and shock absorbers) to your driving style.  Here are the settings:
Dynamic: Automatically activated at startup, it is the standard mode with automatic adjustment of control parameters.
Comfort: The shocks are much more flexible management is assisted and the gear ratios are longer. Thus, the engine and gearbox smooth respond to requests from the accelerator pedal.
Sports: Offers the excitement of real sports. The shocks are firm, management is straightforward and the gear ratios are short.
What is most impressive about this system is that the changes really affect the behavior of the car. Its systems are often so subtle you cannot feel any difference between the settings, which is not the case with the A4.  Each setting can drastically change the personality of the car.

As one of the best cars in its class, the A4 is difficult to criticize. The space for rear occupants has been improved over the old version, making the cabin roomier, regardless of the size of passengers.  Its interior finish and materials quality were enhanced and there is especially nothing to say about the exterior design.  This car is very attractive.  The 2-liter turbo engine accelerates smoothly, it is refined and powerful, but it lacking when compared to larger rivals in terms of its performance.  What is lost in the power department is gained back through balanced road manners, an AWD system that is standard and an intelligent chassis that adapts to your driving style.

The A4 is one of the most capable cars on the market today.  It stands out through quality that surpasses virtually all industry standards.  The Audi A4 retails for about $30,000 and a fully loaded version checks in at $35,000. But a better option would be to lease an Audi A4.  Despite fierce competition in this niche, the A4t remains a benchmark in the category.