Audi A8 Lease

2011 Audi A8 Lease Details
$1199 per month for 42 Months
Normal Wheel Base
Fully Loaded
$4999 Due at Signing
Includes Down Payment
Acquisition Fee
10k miler per year
35,000 miles over the 42 month lease
Anything over costs $0.35/mile
Purchase option for $38,044
Audi A8 Premium Plus
MSRP of $86,465


About the Audi A8

The flagship sedan from Audi is the ultra luxury A8. For 2011 the car gets a makeover. The least I can say is that the German company has achieved a feat by combining performance, luxury, refinement and technology. It bigger, better, and more refined! But it is also more expensive, costing over $100k. But when you lease an Audi A8 you can have the ultimate in Audi luxury.It is impossible to confuse the Audi A8 with any other luxury sedan you can currently lease.  Its imposing grille and LED daytime running lights guarantee that you will not miss this big boy. In addition to the stand out lights, the new body seduces the eye.  Slightly more than the previous cut, she remains faithful to the sleek Audi continues to advocate and master a sexy design.

Sexy Body Design
The A8 has grown, but a tape measure is needed to confirm this because the eye is not enough.  Wise calculation on the part of designers, makes this car seem reasonably sized and we all know that big is not really popular in the automotive industry these days.  The result is still a bit more space for occupants.  As a bonus, the Audi Space Frame (ASF) aluminum allows the car to keep the same weight.
High Quality Interior
Besides the performance and handling, the spacious interior of the A8 is certainly one of its greatest strengths. It includes first-class decor worthy of the sumptuous rooms of the highest paid politicians. Wood, aluminum and leather blend as well as the voices of the Three Tenors.
Audi has created one of the best and most luxurious interiors of cars in the world, ably filling a variety of sophisticated facilities – enough to keep the geek in us busy and bewildered for days. Besides, it takes a few days to tame and control all the systems and programs.
My tester included the night vision device of Audi. I like the fact that the image appears before the driver, not a side like BMW. More interestingly, the touch screen multimedia interface allows you to enter a destination, a name or phone number by using our index. Once we entered the proceedings, the whole becomes a wonderful shortcut.
In truth, this is not the incredible 22-way power seats and massage function, the two screens 10 inches from the DVD entertainment system or leather upholstery Valcona me most excited. No, it is rather delusional audio Bang & Olufsen premium – a $ 7,000 option.
would exchange willingly the NAD sound system in my basement for the fabulous concert hall that is the A8.  On second thought, I do not think I ever had a better sound experience in a vehicle, which brings me to another wonderful sound source.
Nice V-8 Engine
The Audi A8 is shown exceptionally quiet even though its roar leaves no doubt as to the number of cylinders under the hood. I am referring to the 4.2-liter V8 FSI of the company, a remarkably refined engine which has seen its power increase to 372 hp (6800 rpm) and torque to 328 lb-ft (3500 rpm).
The beast takes great advantage of the highly efficient automatic transmission with Tiptronic eight reports shifters integrated into a leather steering wheel with four arms (standard). Selectors in question adds a touch of sportiness to the incredible feeling of driving pleasure on the road – a pleasure that takes several forms.
Once we realized the magnificence of the interior, it is easily amazed by the operation hyper refined and sublimely refined performance of the A8. To be honest with you, I have great difficulty finding the words that do justice to the iron fist in a velvet glove that is the V8 FSI.
Here a motor combining nervousness and a desire to turn at high speed with an amazing level of accuracy and civility. With eight reports at its disposal, its full potential is always within reach. Even when we want to accelerate suddenly, the passages are made in a predictable, fast and flawless.
Audi claims that its large sedan reaches the 60 MPH in 5.7 seconds. I did not check, but I can assure you that the A8 is fast, very fast. Whatever type of sprint or resume, it impresses. In addition, with the quattro system, traction is never questioned. Ditto for driving behavior.
Great Ride
The new A8 is based on an adaptive air suspension can maximize ride comfort and secure road holding steady. The driver can choose between different modes depending on whether it prefers the softness or firmness on the road. For me, the Comfort mode proved ideal, fostering a high quality bearing without really compromising the agility of the beast. At least that’s the feeling I got.
The A8 shows himself equally capable when it comes time to negotiate turns without effort. In the last TestFest of Automobile Journalists Association of Canada ( AJAC ), I pushed forward in a series of curves and she frankly surprised, given his imposing size.
The Audi A8 Premium 2011 has its price: $ 103 700.
Oh I love this car!  If we can not buy one, I took pleasure in the lead throughout my test week.  To me, this is the new benchmark in the niche market of luxury sedans.  Obviously, the Audi A8 Premium 2011 has its price: $ 103 700. My copy to many options, meanwhile, was worth not less than $ 124 900 which is why leasing an Audi A8 is a better idea.